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The You Know What I Mean project is an on-going, non-space-time-based, idea-swap project which invites artists of all disciplines to experiment within and outside the structure of their personal artistic process. Although artists exchange ideas every day, we don't often execute the creative ambition of another colleague. What does happen when the value of a communal exchange is celebrated over the originality of one individual’s idea? This is an experiential exercise to rebuild from point 0 our understanding of copyright regulations and our beliefs when it comes to defending intellectual property. Imagine to  GIVE away your “idea”, the one you never worked on, never considered important or either so important that you didn’t know where to start; or, try to  TAKE an “idea”, because the moment is right, but you have nothing to work on, you want a simple spontaneous beginning and you will trust whatever it is... The Y.K.W.I.M. project generates an online “library of ideas” accessible only to those of you who intend to donate/share/trash/casually-forget an “idea”, and/or steal/borrow forever/deliberately catch someone else’s “idea”, turning it into your own project. The Y.K.W.I.M. project moves on by word of mouth and it always invites people by paper letters, with an extra copy attached that can be torn off and passed to someone else. The “library” is digital and its content is dedicated to the participants only; one can decide to GIVE or/ and TAKE, upload or/and download. From paper to ideas, from digital to material, this project doesn’t aim for anything other than a fluid process of creation, overcoming taboos on property and authorial ego, helping creatives to see what they most care about in their daily practice of dealing with property, art making and social exchange.

A project realised by Sara Cattin, 2017 - / / Graphic design, graphic concept and much more by Luca Carboni - / Hosting server, web developing and support by Luigi Talamo - / Text editing by Tyler Patterson / Terms of Use editing by Anna Pirri / Thanks to Sara Cattaneo for the idea, the title and all the things will come in the future, freelance curator and producer - /
Printed material: Laboratorio Artistico Pietra (TO-2017), Workcentre232 (AMS-2017).

First edition: 14 invitations, silkscreen print on paper, 21x300cm; Bloc notes, inkjet on paper, A5; 2017.






















BORROWINGfrom strangers

CRASHINGmy car and notGIVEa damn

Throwing Awaya book





Giving and Taking, as gain and loss, are essential for a fair circulation of ideas. They happen all the time in human interactions. We give ourselves to the world by living throughout our lives. We observe, learn, grow and develop in between and because of each other. What we recognize as our “self” isn’ ours in the sense that we have a copyright regulation for all the giving and taking moments we experience or make happen, most of the time unconsciously. Our self is not a thing. It is a slow organic movement of appropriation and loss that gives us enough time to believe we are who we are at the moment.





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